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A new Era in sex has arrived! We’ve created the world’s first sex toy that will allow you to penetrate your partner with your balls and unleash pleasure that you’ve never experienced before. Let the ballsex revolution begin!


Balldo Set

The world’s first dildo that uses your balls for penetrative sex.



The outside of the male balls has almost the same amount of nerve endings as the women’s vulva. The balls have long been overlooked as a stimulable sexual organ – the balldo™ changes that forever...

By wearing a balldo™, your balls are perfectly encapsulated in the soft skin-safe silicone cage  behind the penis-like conical tip – ready for ease of penetration. When inserted into your partner the sensation is out of this world – for both of you. Your first ballsex experience will be something you never forget – it’s the climbing of Everest for the penetrative sex world.


Not only does the balldo get your balls inside your partner

Not only does the balldo™ get your balls inside your partner, it also allows you to thrust it, almost identically to when using your penis.


The balldo™ is made rigid enough for penetration by its patented inner core and by adding one or two of the provided balldo™ spacer rings.


These rings can be added or removed depending on how much loose skin there is above the balls. If you are particularly loose, extra spacer rings can be bought  - see our list of perks!


The balldo is a very rare first


Unlike the endless dildo and strap on products out there on the market, which are pretty much a rehash of the same device, the balldo™ is genuinely a completely new and enlightening experience.

The balldo™ gives you a second penis that never goes soft.  It keeps on stimulating you and your partner enabling super lengthy sex sessions where both of you can get to climax.

For guys who are smaller than most, or guys that suffer from erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, the balldo™ gives them a second chance to please and be pleased, without the worry of going or being soft.



Once you have your balldo™ just follow these three steps


Once you have your balldo just follow these three steps



With three years of development and testing and over 100 prototypes being made, the balldo™ is now refined to deliver maximum pleasure combined with ease of use.

Balldo tech specs



Super soft comfort

Balls are sensitive!
Super stretchy upper ring opens out to put on your balls like  underwear.


Patented inner core

Our patented inner core keeps the side legs firm for thrusting but still allows the upper ring to stretch wide open for ease of putting on.


Never lose your ball erection!

Never lose your ball erection!

Spacer rings are pulled over the balldo™ to turn your balls into your second penis that never goes soft!

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