Collection: NIPPLE TOYS

With nipples being one of the most magical erogenous zones of the body, full of sensitive nerve endings, it’s no surprise that there are sex toys purely dedicated to stimulating them. Having said that, we still think that they’re one of the most underrated sex toys ever. Nipple clamps and pumps are great for teasing the nipples by increasing blood flow to the area. By stimulating the nipples, you can enhance your or your lover’s sensitivity for a pleasurable all-over body experience.

Here at Flirt, we think it’s a great idea to invest in this sexcessory. Because they offer hands-free stimulation, nipple clamps are great devices for offering pleasure while also allowing you to explore or manually pleasure other parts of the body. As we all know, the more erogenous zones you can stimulate, the more intense the pleasure, so nipple action can help intensify your orgasm when you’re engaged in play. Aesthetically, nipple clamps in particular look so hot, especially when there are chains involved. If you’re into BDSM or fetish, these are a great go-to for spicing up your sex life. Best of all, nipple pumps and clamps can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of sexuality or gender, making them a truly inclusive and universal sex toy.

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