The Health Benefits of Masturbation

The Health Benefits of Masturbation


No matter your gender, masturbating is often talked about in hushed tones and with an air of scandal around it. But this stigma surrounding self-pleasure needs to go. It’s not scandalous to make yourself feel good by eating a block of cheese (if that’s your thing), and it shouldn’t be taboo to derive those same good feelings from masturbating.

Masturbation, on the surface level, is when you stimulate your genitals for pleasure. It’s also an excellent way to explore what you want from sex or sex-adjacent activities. And if you discover that masturbating isn’t your vibe, then there are other ways for you to explore your sexuality.

But if you do find yourself wanting to explore what works for you sexually, then there are some great health benefits that also come from masturbating. As a leading adult shop Australia-wide, we’re going to do a deep dive into the health benefits of masturbation, so you can feel good both in the moment and the long term.

Increased relaxation

One of the more well-known health benefits of masturbation is the relaxation you might feel when stimulating your genitals. And if you work yourself up to an orgasm, you’re releasing an abundance of happy hormones, such as dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin and more. This potion of goodness allows you to feel relaxed in the moment, meaning you won’t be thinking about tomorrow’s to-do list or anything that might typically lead to stress.

In addition to feeling less stressed or overwhelmed, regular masturbation can also help you sleep better. If you set aside time before you would normally go to sleep to masturbate, you can effectively release that concoction of happy hormones to relax your body – with or without an orgasm – which can help you quickly drift off to sleep.

Less cramping

If you're a person who menstruates and deals with regular period pain, then you’re in luck. Masturbating can help temporarily relieve those pesky and painful period cramps due to the increased blood flow to your genitals.

Another period-adjacent benefit of regular masturbation is the development of a strong pelvic floor. When you orgasm, the muscles surrounding your reproductive organs contract. This contraction is what helps strengthen your pelvic floor. The long-term benefits of a strengthened pelvic floor is an increased sexual sensation as well as having better bladder control.

Reduced risk of prostate cancer

Should you be someone with a prostate, we’ve got you covered too! Regular masturbation – or even sex itself – can help reduce your risk of prostate cancer. When people with a penis orgasm, they will ejaculate fluid which can help get rid of any potential bacteria that might lead to cancer.

Better communication between partners

One of the great things about masturbating is that it allows you to communicate what works for you to your partner. Masturbation is a fantastic time for you to find what feels good for you, which is something you can communicate to your partner verbally or visually.

Masturbation is also a fantastic way to connect with your partner sexually without sex. You can test different toys on each other, explore outercourse, or just go for it in front of each other. Masturbating with your partner allows the two of you to experience sexual pleasure but without the risk to your health.


When it comes to self exploration and discovery, then masturbation is a fantastic way to discover what sexual play works for you. And whether you go solo or team up with a partner, Flirt Adult Store has a number of different toys to help you find what feels good. Explore our range today, and take your next masturbating session to the next level.

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