Best Toys & Games for Party Play

Best Toys & Games for Party Play

At Flirt, we’re all about sharing the love and empowering you to explore every part of your sexuality. If this involves welcoming multiple people into the bedroom, then this blog is for you. 

Adult sex stores can be daunting places to go but we do everything we can to make you feel comfortable in-store. When you shop in-store, you’re welcome to browse on your own or ask our sexperts for advice – whatever you’re into!

If party play is your scene, we have a great range of sex toys to suit your needs and keep the party going all night long. 

You can find each toy from this blog on Flirt shelves or through our online store, so there’s no excuse not to give it a try!

We-Vibe Match

When we think party play, we think We-Vibe! The Match is one of many remote-controlled vibrators from the We-Vibe range that allows anyone to control the toy from a distance, or while they engage in… other activities. 

Match is designed to be worn by vagina-owners during sex, applying intense vibrations to the G-Spot and clitoris in a range of patterns and speeds. 

With a full charging time of 90 minutes and a playtime of up to 2 hours, the Match is perfect for some group bonding sessions. Better yet, the toy’s body-safe silicone makes it easy to wash between wearers and should it suits a range of body types. 

Party Games

Perhaps you’re looking to start the night off tame with a bit of a game, but you’re stuck for ideas.

Secret Missions: Girls Night Out – available in our store – is sure to get the gals worked up with some cheeky directions that lead straight for trouble.

Have the host assign a mission to each party member and let them run rampant on their quest to seduce the waiter; earn a free drink; or lose some clothing.

With your hearts racing and laughs all around, you’ll be in the mood to settle right down later on.

A Sex Swing

There’s someone at the door. Oh sorry, on the door! The Scandal Over-the-Door Swing should keep a couple of you company while the others take the bed. 

This universal swing harness includes sturdy straps and bar hooks to keep you swinging in place as you rock and roll into ecstasy. 

Everyone is welcome to try this throughout the night as it comes fully adjustable and equipped to fit both standard and oversized doors.

The double-padded and pillowy soft arm and thigh straps allow you to totally relax as you’re suspended off the ground, at the perfect height to meet your match for the night. 

You’ll be a sight to behold for the rest of the party as they line up to get to know you a little closer. Just remember to adjust the height of the straps as each party member takes their turn. 

Ready to Flirt?

Didn’t we tell you? There’s a great range of toys, games and equipment in our store to get the party started. Dip your toe or dive right into party play and you sure won’t regret it. 

For more information on the products mentioned above, get in touch or visit our store and we’ll guide you towards the toy that’s right for you.

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