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SEPTEMBER 2O2O It's been such a busy, exciting & productive month at Flirt Adult Store! We promoted a lot of our newest and hottest products that have landed in stores and online, spoke out in regards to many important issues such as World Sexual Health Day, Prostate Awareness, R U OK DAY, Self-Love September and more and we announced that we are opening a 9th store in Hamilton, NSW! We are so grateful to be in such an amazing industry, and take such pride in helping people embrace their sexual needs, wants and desires and helping improve sexual health. We would like to take...

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What is Pegging? 
First of all, I want to make it very clear that Pegging is not a sign of a "lack of masculinity", nor is it a homosexual thing. Pegging refers to the sexual act of a woman, or a vagina-owning partner using a strap-on to give their penis-having partner some hot and heavy butt action.  
Pegging is still very much a mystery to so many people; when it really shouldn't be! The orgasms that can be achieved through prostate-focused play are mind-blowing, bed-rattling good.

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Lesbian Bed Death - Removing the Stigma.  "What the f--- is she talking about?!" Those are probably the first words that entered your mind after reading the title; and that is a valid response. If you are lucky enough to be unaware of the term "Lesbian Bed Death" or more commonly "LBD", let me enlighten you. Lesbian bed death is a lesbophobic (see lesbophobia) term used to describe lesbians in a long-term relationship who either don't have sex very often or stop having sex completely.The term was coined in 1982 by Pepper Schwartz and Philip Blumstein, two sociologists. Over the...

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We are so familiar with the concept of foreplay – “preheating the oven,” “making things moist,” “getting wet” whatever you call it, it is an integral part of a healthy and happy sex life.

There is such pressure to perform and send your partner to screaming heights of ecstasy that it is often overlooked our actual levels of enjoyment.

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Nudity… such an intimidating and unmentionable topic to some. Yet, there are so many benefits to nudity that remain quite concealed within our society due to associated stigmas. To gain insight on the phenomenon of embracing nudity, I spoke to three of Australia’s highly accomplished nudity advocates and naturists.

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