Play Without Penetration

Play Without Penetration

When we think of sex, most of our minds may shift to penetrative intercourse. But what about outercourse? There are so many stimulating and pleasurable ways to get you or your partner off that don’t involve intercourse.

Whether you’re exploring new ways to enjoy sex, not in the mood for penetrative styles or seeking undiscovered foreplay, this blog will give you some insight into pleasure and orgasm that doesn’t involve filling someone or getting filled. 

From nipple play clamps to grindable vibrators, read on for your pleasure.  



Getting wet can be made easier with a little tongue action. Whether you're working the clitoris or labia, or the shaft or head of a penis, oral sex doesnt need to be penetrative, it can involve licking, spitting, touching and kissing. Oral sex can be the perfect non-pentrative play or lead-up to penetrative play. 


Nipple Play 

Caressing, gently biting, touching, pinching or sucking your partner's nipples can be an extremely sexy way to get someone off. Sensitivity and enjoyment varies from person to person in terms of nipple play so make sure you ask what your partner likes either before or during your play. 


For those that are blessed with nipple sensitivity, you can enhance the experience with some toys such as Nipple Grips, Nip-Pulls or Nipple Play vibrating clamps. 


Test out what you like before you remove nipple play from your repertoire. Some people like the pulling feeling and others like the pinching feeling – try it all! 

Dry Humping/Grinding

Think you’re too old to dry hump? It’s underrated! This can be one of the hottest ways to get off and can be very inconspicuous in public – if that’s your thing. Add in a little dirty talk while you grind on your partner's lap or knee for a bit of extra kink. 


Add a little vibration to your play session. Vibrators are a great way to add stimulation without penetration. Use them on nipples, the clitoris or all over the body. The Ynez is a cute little handheld vibrator with an ergonomic design that’s perfect with ribbed vibration. Try the Maia for a textured feel to enjoy mild to intense stimulation all over the body. 


Let’s Get Flirty

No matter what your choice of play is, the key is to explore with your partner or even by yourself! Whether you want to add toys or not, Flirt are here to help you along your pleasure journey. 



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