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How To Use The Same Sex Toys With Multiple Partners

if you’re reading this, you probably already know sex toys are a world of excitement
and pleasure. If you have multiple partners or don’t want to buy new toys every time
you have a new partner in your bed, sharing sex toys just might be an inevitable
Sex involves lots of bodily fluids; saliva, vaginal secretions, semen or fluids from STI
sores. Just like sharing body parts, sharing toys can pose infection. 
Whether you’re sharing vibrators, dildos, strapless strapons or cock rings, read on
for all the ways you and your partner(s) can stay safe while sharing toys. 

Body-safe Materials

In the sex toy world, there’s heaps of unsafe materials out there. These jelly-like
materials are often used because they are cheaper than silicone. Often classed as
“novelty items”, these toys are made with softening agents, phthalates. This material
is also porous meaning it can hold bacteria even when you clean it – not ideal for
anything that’s going in or around your body and being shared


Opt for non-porous materials such as Pyrex, stainless steel, silicone or glass. These
are much easier to sanitise in-between uses. 

When to Clean

Clean your toys after use but also factor in how you’re storing them as they may be
collecting bacteria and germs while not in use. We suggest cleaning with toy
cleaning before AND after use. Try the Good Clean Fun Toy Cleaner which is
specially formulated to kill germs and bacteria. 

How to Clean

Preferably use a toy cleaner but if you don’t have any, fragrance-free soap, that’s not
anti-bacterial and hot water will suffice. The downside to soap is that it can leave
residue and can deteriorate toys of any material quicker than using a toy cleaner. 
Materials such as stainless steel and pyrex can be boiled for a few minutes to kill
germs and bacteria. You can even put these in the dishwasher (check the label).
Leathers and hard plastics can be sanitised with rubbing alcohol. 


The best protection from STIs and germs is well... protection. Pop on some
condoms for your toys to ensure the best protection. Those toys made from hard
plastics, elastomer and jelly rubber may hold more bacteria than others so these are
the ones you should definitely be covering. Wash everything even when you use
condoms too. 


As always, Flirt has you safe and sexy so make sure you keep yourself and your
partner(s) the same. 
Shop our wide range of toys, cleaners and more to keep your play sessions spicy
and shared.


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