Introducing Sex Toys Into Your Life

Introducing Sex Toys Into Your Life

Toys are an exciting addition to your sex life but exploring this newfound desire can be daunting to some when starting out. Flirt wants to make your sex toy journey exciting and informative for both parties. 

With so many options on the market, there is something for everyone. Toys are a great way for you and your partner(s) to explore new things, experience different types of orgasms and find things you never even knew you liked. 

Toys are not meant as a replacement for the sex you’re having with your partner(s), but simply a way to enhance the overall experience together. Toys do things our bodies can’t, like pulse and vibrate. It can increase the connection you have with your partner(s) and if used and communicated correctly, will definitely increase the pleasure. 

Don’t fret, toys are normal! Toys can often be seen as taboo in a world where sex is so hush hush. At Flirt, we know sex is fun and we want the world to know it as well. Whether you want a strap on or a gentle vibration, Flirt has you covered. 

Purpose of Your Toys

Think about what sensations you want to feel, because there are so many toys for everything. Do you want to try some BDSM? Do you want anal play? Or maybe something like whips or sensation play. Thinking about shibari? Attend a class or watch a YouTube tutorial on how to safely do this with your partner(s). Assessing what you already like or what you want to enhance; oral sex, hand sex, rubbing on the outside or penetrative sex will help you on choosing the correct toys. 

Start small like trying a cock ring or external toys first. Better yet, buy a starter pack

These offer a range of everything in beginner friendly designs and are a great place to start if you’re stuck. 

How to Talk to Your Partner About Sex Toys

Some partners may feel threatened by the toys, thinking they’re not enough for you. Explaining that sex toys aren’t a replacement for anything but an enhancement to the overall experience can help put your partner(s) at ease. 

Communication is key to any relationship and especially with sexual encounters and experiences. Chat about the different types of sex toys on the market and go through them together to see what each one does and which ones you would both like to try. 

Think about what your partner(s) already enjoy in the bedroom. Do they like nipple stimulation? Try nipple clamps, suction pulls or a feather for gentle stimulation. Do they like anal play? Ask them if they would like to try plugs or dildos. 

Chat about the different types on the market and go shopping together. There is no better bonding in a relationship than discovering things together. Go through the Flirt website and learn about toys with each other. 

If your partner(s) is not keen on the idea, don’t force it. Understand why they aren’t interested. It’s never okay to pressure anyone into anything they don't want to do. There could be underlying past trauma or any other reason but lack of interest should be reason enough if you care for them. 


Sex is exciting so remember to have fun choosing your new toys. Do your research on different types and assess what you and your partner both enjoy. When you’re ready, Flirt has you covered with all your sex toy needs. Your sex toy journey awaits!

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