How Hot is Too Hot? Your Guide To Hot Wax

How Hot is Too Hot? Your Guide To Hot Wax

Looking to add some heat to your play sessions? Flirt has you covered with our quick guide to hot wax, how to use it and what to use!

In this blog we will delve into all things hot wax. Once you’re ready browse our extensive adult store for all your needs.

What Is Wax Play?

A form of sensation and temperature play, wax play involves the dripping of hot wax. It can be on your partner; your partner can do it to you, or you can do it to yourself.

Some get enjoyment from the heat, some from the sensual pouring that the act involves, and others relish in the feeling of the hardened wax being pulled off their skin.

Safety First!

Education always comes first when you're experimenting with new types of play. Wax involves fire and fire can cause a multitude of hazards. Clear the room of flammable liquids such as alcohol to avoid any mishaps.

The hot wax comes from lighting a specific type of candle and letting the wax melt for a while. This hot wax is then poured on any part of the body for a sensual feeling of your choosing. Avoid internal parts such as the eyes, ears, and mouth. It's difficult to get wax out of hair so avoid any hairy parts!

Consider your, and your partner’s, pain tolerance. Test out the temperature of the wax on the back of a hand or wrist first to ensure it's not too hot! Remember certain parts of your body are more sensitive such as genitals and nipples.

Wax is messy! Make sure you prepare for it! Put on sheets you don’t care too much about or another form of towelling.

Make it Sexy

Wax play can be so sensual! Candles burning and hot sensation play makes for a very intimate session. Communication is vital during any play session, especially those that involve pain and submissive acts. Wax play is a great time to use dirty talk. Ask your partner “how does that feel?” or how “badly do you want to feel this wax?”

Don't forget your safe word!

Choosing The Right Candle

You can’t just choose the cheapest candles from a typical department store. These candles will burn way too hot and are filled with skin irritants – not ideal for wax play.

Opt for candles that are specifically meant for wax play. This will be a much more enjoyable experience for everyone involved. A few of our Flirt favourites include:

Wax Play Candle

This 100g candle heightens sensations and increases all levels of adrenaline. Made from wax and essence, this sensual Wax Play Candle is the perfect addition to your play session.

Behave Sensuous Candles

Complete with a pack of three different coloured candles, the Behave Sensuous Candles burn at a low temperature for extremely safe massage play.

Shiatsu Massage Candle

Available in a multitude of scents, the Shiatsu Massage Candle wax can be applied directly to the skin. The stunning aromas fill any room, Raspberry & Vanilla Creme, Amber, Sandalwood, Patchouli.

Ready to get hot? Flirt has you covered! Browse our range of hot wax today to heat things up in your sex life.

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