Flirt's Favourite Flavours to Bring into the Bedroom

Flirt's Favourite Flavours to Bring into the Bedroom

For many people, there’s a certain openness that follows them into the bedroom when it comes to flavours and food. If you’ve been thinking about experimenting a little bit and exploring some tasteful sensations in the bedroom, then look no further! Flirt’s got you covered and trust us when we say that we’ve got that range you’ve been hoping for.Flirt is one of the biggest adult shops in Australia that holds a plethora of options to spice up your sex life. Check out some of our cult classics below that we believe you might enjoy behind closed doors.

Craving some chocolate?

A fan favourite for sure! There’s something elegant yet adventurous about a good old piece of chocolate. We understand that are too many options we provide around this classic and choosing can be overwhelming. But why choose when you could get away with not making up your mind?Try out GoodHead’s chocolate flavoured pack that comes with five flavours! This way you don’t get any flavour FOMO and your next five flavour forays will be as new and exciting as the last.

Honey I’m home!

Sticky and sweet are two words that tend to work wonders in the culinary world. These are the textures and flavours that hold potential to elevate the simplest of joys, but in the classiest of ways. If it’s a little bit of sugar lovin’ you’re craving? Then you’re on the right track with this flavour range. The Swiss Navy range of lubes have gained popularity for their strong flavour profiles.

Fancy a fruit rush?

Are you the kind that tends to lean towards the fruity side of life? If your answer is yes, then don’t hesitate to mix and match with System Jo’s H2O range of water-based lubes! From a mango smoothie to a peachy peck perhaps? Feel free to bundle your lubes so that you could potentially mix it up and see what feels right in the moment.

‘When life throws you lemons, you make a granita!’

A relaxed citrus vibe, with a little bit of a tang; how does that sound to you? To us, it sound like sweet, summer vibes all the way! We recommend fancying it up a bit with System Jo Naturals Massage Oil, or even Shiatsu’s Body Oil.

Icing on the cake

Turn any occasion into a celebration with Wicked Aqua’s lube in birthday cake flavour! You’d be surprised to find out how tasty this product is going to make your next playtime, with no aftertaste or stickiness to add on to the mess!

Vanilla twilight

Regardless of whatever anyone thinks, you must admit that vanilla will always remain as the OG classic, irrespective of time or age. Sometimes, plain is good. Besides the lubes and body oil range, consider the Shiatsu massage candle in the vanilla crème scent. We can assure you that it’ll be setting a lot more than the mood. 

A coffee for your head

Once you’ve tasted it, you’ll be hooked. It’s exactly the type of morning buzz that we’d all want to wake up to. The System Jo Gelato collection of flavours have gathered quite the fan base. The flavour notes aren’t just good for a spicy private session, but rather even a zero calorie treat to use on top of your ice cream of pancake!

Flirt your way through to us!

If there’s one thing we know for sure? It’s how to spice it up when the doors close. Trust us to know what we’re talking about and give these flavours a go. If you need more inspiration, head to our website right away and see if you can find something more to your tastes!

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