Flirt Staff Spill All.

Flirt Staff Spill All.

It's been such a busy, exciting & productive month at Flirt Adult Store! We promoted a lot of our newest and hottest products that have landed in stores and online, spoke out in regards to many important issues such as World Sexual Health Day, Prostate Awareness, R U OK DAY, Self-Love September and more and we announced that we are opening a 9th store in Hamilton, NSW! 
We are so grateful to be in such an amazing industry, and take such pride in helping people embrace their sexual needs, wants and desires and helping improve sexual health. We would like to take a moment to thank all of you - our amazing customers, readers and if you're new here, welcome, and join the party! 
To wrap up an amazing month, we thought we would share with all of you some of our favorite tips, tricks and the things we have learnt along the way.
S E X tips from FLIRT S T A F F
  • If it doesn't have base, it stays out of the bum! Whether you're a newbie at anal sex and pleasure, or you're so experienced you could teach us a thing or two - do NOT insert anything anally unless it has a flared base or an anchored base. 
    The anus can quite literally "suck" things up inside of you, which would result in a trip to the Emergency Room. 
    An all-time favorite that we see frequently going home in the bags of our customer's is the NU Sensuelle Remote Controlled Butt Plug - 15 vibrating functions, 100% Waterproof and a remote control to add a bit more naughtiness to your intimate time. 
  • Speaking of anal sex; massaging around the anus and butt in general before engaging in anal sex/play can help relax both the recipient and the muscles surrounding the anus. 
  • Stimulate those nipples, guys, gals & NB friends! Not a fan of nipple clamps? Me either! But nipple stimulation during sex is amazing, especially if you're doing it right! Try 9's Nip-Pulls Nipple Pumps. They encourage blood circulation to the area and make them more sensitive than you could imagine - throw some ice or wax into the mix and you'll thank us later. 
  • Put a cock ring around the base of your penis pump; this makes it much easier to slide over the penis - rather than trying to put a ring on after the pump is off, as this can sometimes take a bit of time and result in all of your hard work being for nothing. Want to peruse the cock rings? Click here, babe. 
  • The right lubricant makes all the difference.
  • Anal is for everyone. It's great for massaging the prostate to help against prostate disease.


  • Yes, if your penis is turning blue - the ring is too tight.
  • Anal beads were NOT designed to be pulled out like you're trying to start a lawn mower.
  • Sounding (the act of inserting objects into your urethra for pleasure) is amazing and can be very pleasurable; but do not insert just anything (please never, ever use a fork) and do NOT use a numbing lubricant, or any kind of oil or scented lubricants or oils.
  • Don't use oil-based lubricant with condoms, it will cause them to break.
  • Don't use regular house candles for wax-play. They can be very hot and dangerous.
  • "Oops, wrong hole", is NOT an excuse for anal. 
  • Stop kink-shaming, it's the same concept as shaming somebody for being gay. 


One thing that all Flirt Staff hate hearing is "gross" or "ew, I would NEVER do that" when in store. We completely understand that not everyone is going to be turned on, attracted to or find pleasure through the same things - but shaming other individuals for their tastes is lame. Really lame. 
If it's legal, everyone is consenting and mutually agreed -

Here are some important things from the Flirt Team we want you to remember; because we have heard it all, and we don't judge. 
  • "Using a lubricant doesn't mean that you're old, getting old or not capable of getting aroused anymore. There are a million reasons as to why the body stops self lubricating including stress, medications, what time of the day it is, and your hormone levels. Don't feel ashamed purchasing lubricant; everyone uses it and it makes everything feel amazing. Whether it's sex or masturbation, lubricant is a must." - Flirt Wagga Wagga.
  • "It's so important to normalize women watching porn. Women shouldn't be ashamed of watching porn, or getting aroused by the things they like. Just because you watch a certain type of porn doesn't mean that that's what you want to do in bed either! If it gets you going, it gets you going; you don't need to broadcast it. Just do you." - Flirt Bathurst.
  • "You should never be ashamed of what you like in the bedroom, and you definitely shouldn't have to hide it - especially from your partner. Everyone deserves to feel pleasure and feel comfortable sharing and experiencing different things. You may not be comfortable with something, but that doesn't give you the right to make others who do enjoy that ashamed of themselves." - Flirt Coffs Harbour.
  • "Normalize communicating to your partner about your needs. Don't fake an orgasm just to satiate your partners appetite for being "the best in bed". If they don't make you finish, or you like it a certain way, or you want to use a toy to finish - say it." - Flirt Armidale. 
  • "If you love it - lube it! Lubricant makes everything better, so lube it up! Also, condoms are great if you're in a rush - no mess to clean up." - Flirt Woy Woy. 
  • "Bigger is not always better. It does not matter who you are being intimate with, if you are not comfortable you don't have to do anything."- Flirt Orange.
  • "Time, patience and A LOT of lube is always my response to "how would that fit?"" - Flirt Dubbo.

Love, Your Flirt Guru xoxo


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