Anal Sex 101 - Toys for your Arse(nal)

Anal Sex 101 - Toys for your Arse(nal)

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Did somebody say anal?

Look, we get it; anal sex is intimidating. The thought of it, the process, even the words themselves pack a punch. But what if we told you it can be so enjoyable and the orgasms you can achieve through anal sex are unlike anything else? 

"Every time I try to have anal sex, it hurts and I am not enjoying myself."

If it hurts, that is your body telling you to stop. But that doesn't mean to stop forever! The pain you are feeling can be caused by a number of things, but the most common cause is tensed anal muscles and not enough lubrication. The obvious answer is to "just relax" and to use more lube, but sometimes that isn't enough. Using the right lubrication is a key role in anal play and intercourse. System Jo has bought out some fantastic lubrication products that make anal play a lot more enjoyable. Their H20 Jelly  is thicker than a regular water based lubricant, safe for your toys and has a no drip effect so that lube isn't being wasted or dripping from your hands when applying. The Premium Anal Lube by System Jo is also a great purchase when considering anal play, as it enhances, moisturizes and adds comfort for both parties. 

"The toys are so overwhelming, where do I start?"

A question we are asked a lot in store. We absolutely understand that it feels overwhelming and frightening, but it doesn't need to be. If it's your first time, start small. Your body can be trained to take on larger objects over time, and eventually enjoy it. Kinkly suggests to wear a small toy inside of your body for a period of time until you feel no discomfort from it's penetration. Look for a toy with a tapered end, meaning it has a much smaller point towards the end for easy insertion. Having a tapered end will help your anus stretch and accept new sizes over time as your body begins to get comfortable. 

Firefly's Prince Trainer Kit is a great option for a starting point, as it has 3 different sized anchored plugs, small, medium and large that are made from a firm, smooth silicone. Having the varied sizes gives you room to play and adventure around the bedroom without having to rush back out and buy another toy once your body is used to a certain size.

NU Sensuelle's Mini Plug is also a great option for beginners or someone who is a little bit more experienced, but wants something that vibrates with variety. This tapered, mini plug features 15 vibration functions and is 100% waterproof, so you can adventure in the bath or shower for personal comfort. 

Flirt is having a promotion for the month of June - buy any Sensuelle product and receive 50% off ANY Sensuelle Mini Plug! Pop in to any of our 8 stores, chat to our friendly staff and start your new sexy adventure! 


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