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The RICHARD by WINYI is a  remote-controlled prostate massager that can be used by yourself or with a friend. Let them have the remote while you have a blast.

Experience a tantalizing trifecta of buzz with WINYI RICHARD, as it hits all the key pleasure points: perineum, anus, and prostate.

Get ready to hit your sweet spot with our uniquely curved wireless prostate massager! Perfectly positioning itself inside your anus for maximum pleasure.

Discovering your prostate and experiencing incredible anal pleasure has never been simpler. With 10 distinctive vibration settings, you can easily customize your prostate massage to suit your individual desires.

Get ready for some serious pleasure with the prostate pleasure enhancer. Featuring a high-speed motor that reaches up to 10000 revolutions per minute, this versatile anal toy is perfect for both intense and gentle stimulation. Satisfy all your desires with this exciting and powerful product!.

Not only is this toy completely waterproof, but it's also crafted from top-notch medical grade materials. Trust it with your most intimate body parts without any worries.


Two mighty motors, strategically placed on each end, grant you the ultimate power you crave and require for a fantastic anal plaything. With 10 exhilarating modes accessible via the push of a button, whether utilizing the wireless controller or the stimulator itself, you can explore the vibrations, pulsations, and escalating intensities to attain that flawless orgasm.


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