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Are you looking for a flogger with some extra zing to it strings? Look no further, this SHORT LEATHER BRAIDED FLOGGER is ready for some serious kinky action w The ! flogger has a total length of 69cm (27”) including the 24cm (9.5”) handle. The weight is 220 grams (7.8oz)hen you are! The leather Flogger comes with 9 double braided tails to deliver ultimate impact. Start with slow trailing strokes and delicate tickles with the skilfully braided real leather fronds! Give some quick flicks to deliver a range of sensations that will keep your sub on the edge of lust and anticipation. Equipped with an exquisite non-slip handle and wrist loop for optimum control this flogger is a great addition to any BDSM collection!

  • This short leather flogger has 9 double braided tails for ultimate impact
  • Made from high quality genuine leather
  • Easy to use with an non-slip handle and wrist loop
  • Total length of 27" including the 9,5" handle

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