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The Shiatsu Bed & Body Spray can be sprayed on clothing, bed sheets, curtains or directly on the skin. The aphrodisiac fragrance gives every room a seductive, erotic touch. The ideal start for a candlelight dinner or an erotic evening at your home. Sprayed directly onto your skin or clothing makes it irresistible to your counterpart.

What makes Shiatsu Bed & Body Spray so unique?

As the main fragrance we take ISO E Super. An artificial aroma that has the special feature that almost every person perceives it as exceptionally pleasant. In addition, it can be mixed with many other fragrances without disappearing altogether. Almost all the expensive fragrances in the world now use ISO E Super in their composition.

The women Spray has been combined with Cherry and White Lotus, the men Spray with Amber & Japanese Mint. The fragrance is then enriched with Hedione, a substance that affects our brain, in a different way between man and women. Hedione activates areas of the hypothalamus and the limbic system, such as amygdala and hippocampus in humans. Especially in women, the area of the hypothalamus will be stimulated. This leads to a release of sexual hormones. This process is similar in response to pheromones.

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