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Get creative with the wild 50 Ways To Tease Your Lover game. The raunchy, adult fun game is designed for 2 players and involves tantalizing tie and tease game play. The exciting and thrilling seduction game offers an introduction to the world of mild bondage and is suitable for first-time and experienced users. Play to win by accumulating points that you swap for rewards.

The erotic game comprises of a pair of dice, a length of rope, a luxurious eye mask, a deck of playing cards, an exotic tickling feather and rule booklet with simple instructions. The comprehensive kit contains everything you need for intimate and adventurous seduction on a new level. The game involves rolling the dice and accumulating points before drawing an activity card. Players can immediately redeem the reward or hold on to it for ultimate satisfaction once all rounds have been played.

This sensual game is perfect for intimate exploration and imaginative fantasy play. The game allows you to set the rules while spicing up the tantalizing and tempting pleasure. Enjoy tying up and teasing your lover into submission, and receiving the same pleasurable punishment in return.

Kit Includes:

Satin blindfold
Silky rope
Feather Tickler
1 Deck of 50 Ways cards
2 dice
1 rule booklet
Product Features:

Raunchy, adult fun game
Designed for 2 players
Game for lovers combining the lightest of the light bondage pieces
Offers a deliciously mischievous chance to explore the sensuality
Product Details:

Weight (Include Package): 247 g (8.73 oz)
Height (Package): 233 mm (9.2")
Width (Package): 158 mm (6.2")
Thickness (Package): 38 mm (1.5")

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