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Twister delights with three motors for a complete and filling vaginal experience. A motor controls the 3d ribbing with which you will feel rotations and wonderful sensations. The second is a vibration rabbit, with long and flexible rabbit ears the vibrations are specially designed for clitoral stimulation. Finally, there is the vaginal vibration, a vibration that extends throughout the Twister dildo creating exciting stimulation where you need it most. 

Twister has a soft, silky, fine and curved tip to stimulate the G-spot. In addition, it is submersible thanks to the quality silicone with which it is manufactured.

One of the advantages of Twister has almost infinite functions with twenty vibration modes, twenty rabbit vibration modes and twenty rotation modes, the possibilities are endless. 

Combining three types of vaginal stimulation, Twister offers a complete vaginal experience.  

How to use: To turn on the vaginal vibrator, press the On / Off button for 3 seconds and an LED will light up. At that moment, the three motors will respond and you can change the mode of the vaginal vibrator by pressing the same button.

To turn on the rabbit vibrator, press the button that looks like a tulip with a click (if the LED is on) it will activate and with each click it will change mode, to turn off the rabbit press it for three seconds.

To turn on the rotation, press the rotation button and it will start rotating, with more clicks you will change modes. To turn off the rotary motor, hold the same button for three seconds.

  • 3 motors that can be used separately: 3D rotation, rabbit vibration and vaginal vibration.
  •  Almost infinite combinations of vibration modes, 20 per motor, with so many possibilities you will not get tired.
  • Toy with which you can enjoy without making noise.
  • Easy to clean thanks to its material.
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