Top 10 Nipple Toys

Top 10 Nipple Toys

Touch ‘em, lick ‘em, kiss ‘em or flick ‘em – there’s no denying the trusty nipple actually has play options aplenty. Whether you’ve explored this erogenous zone or not, it's more fun than you may think – you can even have a nipple orgasm if you’re patient enough!

From nipple play clamps to grips and pulls, in this blog we will explore all the different toys that we love and how you can use them.


Not only do these look stylish, they pinch your nipples to great lengths of pleasure. These little orbs apply pressure and are extremely powerful. Play a game with your partner and see how long they can keep them in place. Once the pressure relaxes, your partner will be in all kinds of pleasure.

Our favourite for this type of nipple play are the Masterseries Magnus. Coming with a set of two, these toys measure 9.3mm in diameter and are coated in metal.

Another sexy take on these are the Ouch Magnetic Nipple Clamps in Diamond Bullets or the Ouch Magnetic Nipple Clamps in Diamond Pin which you can put in the freezer to cool down or a bowl of hot water to heat up!


These sexy little numbers act as a pump of sorts. They grip your nipples to plump them up and make them extra sensitive – yes please!

The 9S Nip-Pulls Nipple Pumps are small, flexible and soft. Perfect for creating rosy nips and heightened sensation, these pulls are made from silicone so they’re comfy and safe.

Clamps & Clips

Making nipples tight with the ability to tug, these toys can come in the form of feathers with clips on the end, chains or a peg style clip. Tug on the chain or fluff up the feathers, nipple clamps are one of the most popular of the nipple toy variety.

What are we choosing? It’s a hard one but one of our favourites is the Ouch O-ring with Nipple Clamps. This can be tugged on while your partner’s screams are muffled with pleasure with an o-ring gag in their mouth.

The Ouch Adjustable Nipple Clamps are another great option for extra stimulation. Plus they have a chain attached for extra stimulation and tugging. 

One of newest options on the market is the Lovense Gemini which offers the first ever app-controlled vibrating nipple clamps. Perfect for foreplay or roleplay, this exciting toy can be secretly taken out for sexy adventures.


Similar to clamps and clips, pegs squeeze the nipples to enhance sensations. Find the Nipple Pegs at Flirt, which are made from durable stainless steel. Cute and clippy!


The last item on our list is nipple grips. These feisty little numbers are similar to clips and clamps but offer an adjustable design.

One of our favourites is the Nipple Grips Power Grip Crossbar. These are the perfect way to tease your partner with nipple play. The screws are adjustable, they’re easy to use and can even be used on other parts of the body.

Another fun take on the grips are the Power Grip 4-Point Weighted Nipple Press. These little numbers are heavy duty with loads of weighted pleasure.

Start Exploring

The options are endless with nipple play. Whatever tickles your fancy, there’s always a toy for it so start exploring!

Whether you’re just starting out your toy journey or you’re a seasoned expert, as always Flirt is here for your journey.

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