Flirt’s Guide to Anal Toys

Flirt’s Guide to Anal Toys

Keen to explore anal play but don’t know where to start? There’s no reason to feel intimidated! There are adult toys on the market to suit all levels of experience and curiosity. Just visit one of our Flirt stores, like our Adult Store in Coffs Harbour, or if discretion is a must, you can shop online!

So, what are you waiting for? Move over, vanilla sex! In this blog, we will help you choose the right accessory for your perfect fantasy.

We’ve got anal play products in all different shapes, sizes, materials, colours and textures, so your options are endless. Come take a look. 

How do anal sex toys work?

First up, let’s get down to basics. Anal sex toys have been designed to stimulate the anus and are great for the exploration of this highly erogenous zone. And in case you’re worried about things “going wrong”, don’t worry! Anyone can use and enjoy an anal sex toy with a little prepping. In fact, we think you can make the entire experience a fun and satisfying adventure!

How to prep

Before you get started, we recommend researching so you know what to expect and what products are out there. These 32 Anal Sex Tips for Beginners are a good place to start, or perhaps you would prefer to read Anal Sex Basics. Alternatively, if it’s inspiration you’re after, check out these 33 Erotica Sex Stories of Anal Sex.

A note on hygiene

For obvious reasons, hygiene is very important when it comes to anal play. To prepare, you can either go to the toilet before you begin and wash with warm water and soap, but if you want to be super well-prepared, most use a gentle enema douche. 

In addition to prepping the area, another hygiene tip is to avoid ‘double dipping’. Keep your regular toys separate from your anal toys and invest in a high quality toy cleaner to keep things fresh.

Types of anal toys

Butt plugs

Featuring a tapered tip, flat base and flared belly design, butt plugs can help everyone experience anal pleasure. Easy to lubricate and insert, butt plugs are a staple of a well-rounded toy collection and are a beginner-friendly way to experiment with butt play. Butt plugs also come in a huge variety of sizes, colours, textures and some even vibrate ;)

Anal training kits

You’ve heard of kegel training kits, but have you heard of anal training kits? The purpose of an anal training kit is similar to the kegel kit: to introduce you to a range of toy sizes. Anal training kits include butt plugs in small, medium, and large, so you can take things at your own speed. Best of all, anal training kits can be super cute. Our stylish Firefly- Prince Training Kits come in baby blue and pink. 


Anal beads

Anal beads are the OG of anal play and come in two different types: plastic beads on a string separated by knots, or as an interconnected strand moulded out of a single piece of skin-friendly silicone or glass. They usually come with a ring at the end (so you never have to worry about them getting lost) and they can help intensify orgasms when pulled out gradually. Enough said.

For beginners, we love Seven Creations - Dragonz Tail


Anal dildos

It’s a dildo designed especially for anal play! This one may not be beginner-friendly, but it’s worth mentioning for future adventures. Featuring a straight and sturdy design, these toys have been created for hard and fast action.

But don’t worry if you haven’t found the right anal toy for you just yet! There are many other anal toys to try, including tunnel butt plugs, squirting anal sex toys and double penetration toys for double the adventure.

Of course, anal play isn’t complete without the right lubricant, so check out our range of erotic essentials

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