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We love this brand of lubricant. It combines two of our favorite qualities - warming AND gel. It warms up with frIction and through contact with air, so blow on the skin and enjoy the warming tingle. The gel is less runny than typical liquid lubricants, so it won't make a mess. It is silky smooth, long lasting, water soluble, harmless if ingested, and latex friendly. Made with ethically-sourced palm glycerin and moisturizing Vitamin E. It is recommended for use with all types of toys and for warming massage as well.

We instruct customers to run warm water over the surface of a realistic vibrator to bring it closer to body temperature for a true lifelike experience. Think of it like the cherry on top of your sexual pleasure. Wet lube's secret formula is a thick gel lubricant that won't get runny or messy; it stays in place with a gel-like consistency.

This warming lubricant is easy to distribute over the surface of a condom, dildo or vibrator. 

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