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Everyone has some shyness, a little sense of romance and a bit of unchained passion. In House of Desire, an erotic game for two, players have to perform various activities if they want to achieve the three goals of the game – Love, Passion and Luck. 
To do that, they’ll move their three pawns across the board; each of the pawns represents a specific character – one is shy, another is romantic and the third is lustful. The board itself looks like an apartment – and it’s no coincidence, because the position of the pawns on the board will determine which activities you’ll perform – and where. When you meet one of your partner’s pawns, prepare for an exciting rendez-vous, but beware – repulsive Killjoy might be around somewhere and all the excitement can be gone in a second!
  • What’s in the box: 125 task cards; 36 character cards; 30 luck cards; 6 character pawns; 1 pawn for Killjoy; dice; hourglass; game board; rulebook
  • Original erotic game concept, where the game and reality mix together
  • Fun and passion in one box
  • Combination of performing tasks and role-playing
  • Great way to enrich your sex life and make better use of your entire apartment
  • Daring, but not lewd

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