Your Guide To All Things Lingerie

Your Guide To All Things Lingerie

For many people lingerie is the right way to spice things up in the bedroom, or just a great way to feel confident and sexy in their own body. It’s no longer just a matching bra and undies, lingerie has become a way for men and women to show off their curves and skin in different styles. While browsing for adult toys online, you may have noticed a large and growing appeal towards a wide range of lingerie styles. Maybe it’s the various sizes, realistic models, colours or the fact that you now don’t actually have to take off the lingerie before having intimate moments! Lingerie is taking the world by storm, both for the advancement of body positivity and as a great way to ooze confidence in the bedroom. 

Today we’ll be going over a few of the more popular styles you might've seen, to help you find the lingerie of your dreams. 


Also called a ‘Teddy’ these bodysuits provide more coverage but are still just as spicy as a bustier or corset. Most bodysuits, like this saucy teddy style, will be made of lace, with see through stripes and cut outs to pull attention to all the curves of your body. 

Bodysuits are the perfect option if you want to show off your silhouette without having to show everything off, they come in a wide range of sizes, from XS to XXL to make you feel sexy in your body type. With designs that can accentuate your hips with high cut outs, make your legs look longer and a range of plunging and lace filled neck lines you’ll be able to find the perfect design that shows off all your perfect curves and make you feel amazing in your skin. 

If you find yourself always opting for a bra set, consider branching out. Bodysuits can feel just as sexy as a matching bra set, those little cutouts and lace trims really takes the cake and creates a tantalizing and seductive look for every single body type. 

Corset & Bustier

Originally used as shapewear there are more and more lingerie styles that incorporate corsets. Corsets have been used to cinch waists, making them super effective at accenauting your hips and defining the curves of your body. 

Corsets are a perfect way to add some class to your lingerie set, and really enhance that hourglass figure that everyone always goes crazy for. Corsets are great as they can stretch and fit any body type, you don’t have to have a smaller body to wear this style, it’s perfect for any body type. If you’re worried that you might not be able to get a good wear out of your corset, you’ll be glad to hear that corsets are being seen across a range of clothing looks, and are very on trend at the moment. 

A bustier is very similar to a corset but includes a bra within its design. While the actual corset design will be similar, the bra component in a bustier can vary. These can either come with push up, lace designs or a barely there material seen in this bustier

Lace Boxer Briefs

The days of lingerie being only for women is over. We want everyone to feel sexy and confident in their lingerie draped bodies. While a lot of these styles can be worn by any gender, lace boxer briefs have been made with men in mind. Made entirely of lace, like in our Ashella lingerie, this lingerie is made in a boxer brief style with a front pouch and strappy revealing style in the back. 

Lace boxer briefs are perfect if you want to wear something comfortable and light but also want to be a little cheeky and show off that peachy bum. 


Babydoll lingerie, Like the Adeline Babydoll set, is light, lacy and flowy. They’re like a night dress but shorter (only coming up to your thigh) and pretty much see-through. One common theme to most babydoll's is the beautiful flowing material, which is sometimes sheer, that gives it a really flirty and feminine look. With a vast range of sizes in these styles, you’ll only need your chest measurement to find the perfect fit. 

Babydoll lingerie is perfect for those with smaller breasts as they can come with built in padding that can make them look fuller. Babydoll's are also a great choice for those that aren't confident in their hips. The flowing material that drapes from the breasts downwards and its delicate straps, makes your shoulders look narrower, while hiding the silhouette of your hips. 


Garters or Suspender belts are a classic style that is most popularly associated with lingerie. Garters are a great way to pull focus towards the smallest part of your waist while not having to worry about wearing a corset. With a range of styles like this exposed garter set these classic sets can really spice things up a notch. 

Wearing a garter also means that you can wear some seductive thigh-high stockings. Thigh high stockings are always a popular choice to wear with lingerie as they are made in a large range of sizes so you can find the perfect pair to slip onto your legs and make them look silky and add another layer to take off (or keep on) during your intimate time in the bedroom. 

Lingerie is all about having fun and feeling like your fiercest, baddest self, so don’t be afraid to try something new. Lingerie is all about you feeling yourself and using that to add some more passion and lust in the bedroom. If you’ve decided which style you want to try, visit our website to view our large range of lingerie.

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