Why You Should Start Changing Up Your Masturbation Routine

Why You Should Start Changing Up Your Masturbation Routine

Masturbation has always been a great way to relieve stress, feel good and help connect yourself with your partner. With a huge range of adult store shoppers looking for a way to spice up their masturbation routine we’ll be providing some out of the box or overlooked ways that you should consider, to start changing up your self-pleasuring routine.

Why You Should Change Up Your Routine

Lifelong masturbators learn pretty early on exactly what it takes to get themselves off. Once you’ve found what gets you going most people don’t really change that. While it's only natural to think there's not much else to be gained from something that isn't broken, there's also a huge pleasurable world out there waiting for you to explore it. 

By changing up your routine even in the smallest way you could potentially open yourself up to a whole new form of pleasure, with even better orgasms. 

Change Position, Location, and the Time of Day 

Even something as small as changing the place or position you usually masturbate with can have a huge impact on your orgasm. It makes sense that there's a cap to the level of pleasure you can achieve by lying in the same place or in the same position every time. 

If you're super-attached to the bedroom (or if it's your only option), switching up the position you touch yourself in can totally transform your masturbation experience. This can be as easy as sitting up, lying on your stomach or anything else that comes to mind. Even moving from the bedroom to the bathroom can open you up to a new world of water filled pleasure. 

Try Some New Porn Styles

Porn has become a crutch for a lot of people, raising their expectations higher and higher with most mainstream porn moving away from sensual and erotic play to hardcore and basic styles. By simply looking down other avenues you can change your mindset or excitement levels from other platforms like webcams, Only Fans, masturbation games, or more specific fetish porn on paid or alternative sites. 

If you really want to explore a more in-depth world of porn, you can’t go past women-lead porn or audio erotica. These avenues can offer a higher production value, better storytelling, and much more expansive visions of eroticism. If you’re an auditorial or verbal visualiser than we can’t recommend audio erotica enough, it lets you imagine exactly what you like, so there’s no way you won’t become aroused. 

We recommend experimenting with erotica and porn that engages your mind more than the passive experience of a visual medium, too.

Experiment With New Unexplored Sensations

Edging isn’t the only way to explore the world of sensations, you can also play with patterns and speeds to find a new way to get off. You can do this manually or you can use some toys to play around with these new patterns and speeds. A lot of toys found in adult stores come with a range of patterns and speeds, like the Satisfyer Pro 2, that you can change with throughout your masturbation session. Many vibrator toys have a range of patterns and speeds that you can play around with to find the absolute perfect tempo for your pleasure session. You can even use these toys in more external ways, using them to stimulate your nipples, over your undies, or anything that pops into your mind. 

If you want to find some new inspiration or toys to change up your masturbation routine, view our range of adult toys online, visit us in-store or contact our helpful team today!

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