Sex Shop Etiquette

Sex Shop Etiquette

Whether you’re a seasoned sex shop shopper or new to the game, getting familiar with the sex shop environment is important when it comes to getting the best out of your experience and respecting the space and those around you. Although online shopping has become increasingly popular because of quick, discreet delivery and sheer range of products, sometimes you can’t beat going into a bricks and mortar store. Our adult sex stores have a fantastic selection of premium, high quality sex toys to suit all needs and budgets. Not only that, but we have super friendly and knowledgeable team members who know our brands and stock so well and love helping customers find the right products.

Solo time or with a partner, we all know how much sex toys can enhance play. Shopping for said sex toys can be a little bit more complicated. But that doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be fun too! With so much choice out there, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed. With our guide to the dos and don’ts of sex toy shopping, hopefully you’ll be able to find your way around a bit easier.

Do your research

Before you even set foot in a sex shop, it’s important for you to go and do your own research about what kind of products you’re after. Take this time to learn about what you (and potentially a partner) are into, whether that is clitoral or external stimulation, or internal stimulation, bondage...the possibilities are endless! Learning about the erogenous zones can be a good place to start too.

Consult the experts

Of course, you might have an idea of what kind of products you might want to buy, but the people who work in sex shops are going to be the most knowledgeable when it comes to products, brands and trends. Use this opportunity to tap into their expertise and gain insight. 

Bring a friend (or lover)

It’s okay to go it alone if you feel up to it, but sometimes we all need a bit of moral support. It’s also a good to bounce ideas off of somebody else, so bringing a friend or a partner with you when you go to a sex shop is a great idea. If you go with a lover, this can be a fun bonding exercise as well.

Don’t compare prices

We all know that buying sex toys online is often the cheaper and more affordable option, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t shop in store too. This is a really important time to support local businesses who need the money more than big companies. In addition to this, the service you get in store can make for a much more personalised, bespoke experience than shopping online. You also get the added bonus of easy returns on products that are broken or faulty, where you can talk to someone directly instore if you are experiencing any problems. This is something that’s harder to replicate with an online order! Some products will also be covered by a manufacturer’s warranty which gives you even more peace of mind when purchasing sex toys.

Take your time

There is nothing worse than rushing a decision when it comes to making a purchase. Sometimes we feel pressured to buy items when we don’t even want or need them. Don’t rush yourself and take your time with picking out the right product for you.

Be chill

It’s important to take things seriously when you enter an environment like a sex shop. You might be tempted to giggle at the grotesquely big and detailed dildos on show, but this isn’t the place to do that. Be mature and keep the noise down as well. 

Don’t be a creep

This should be an obvious one, but don’t harass people when you are in the sex shop. Making other people feel uncomfortable in this environment is not okay. That goes for staff and customers. Also, although it’s okay to ask for recommendations for yourself, don’t ask sales assistants what their favourite products are unless they give you this information freely because that’s personal and none of your business. If in doubt – keep it clean! Especially no swearing or talking dirty. Make sure you respect staff too. Just because they work in an adult store does not mean that people can talk to them inappropriately.

Hopefully these tips can act as a guideline to inform your next visit to a sex shop. Take your time, be mindful of others and most importantly – have fun!

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