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Sex and Sex Education in TV Shows

Part 3: US TV Shows Edition

Read on to continue our next chapter in our ‘Sex and Sex Education in TV shows’ series. 
Has shopping in our adult store Woy Woy got you thinking back to your first exposure of sex and its visibility on TV? For a lot of us our expectations and understanding of life-like sex didn’t come from our plain sex-ed classes at school but the shows we watched as teens. We’ve picked out a few of our favourite US TV shows to jump on if you want to relive those classic shows that taught us what sex is really like or should be like. 

Sex and the City (1998 - 2004)

What’s it about

Sex and the City is undoubted one of the most popular shows of the 90’s and even today, eight years after its last broadcast. It follows the day-to-day lives of four smart and dynamic New-Yorkers Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte. Surprisingly to most it's actually based on a collection of essays of the lives of Candance Bushnell and her friends throughout their young and mature lives in New York. 

Why Should You Watch It

Sex and the City became one of the leading shows spreading sex positivity. It created awkward (but accurate) sex scenes for its audience and situations that normalised the exploration of sex for women. It’s a fantastic show that changed the way women approach sex in their everyday lives and pushed for a more sex positive lifestyle for all. 

Big Mouth (2017 - )

What’s it about

Big Mouth is a comedy series on Netflix about the prepubescent lives of Andrew, Nick and Jessie, tackling all the changes kids face during puberty. This series dives into some serious issues kids face like a first period, sexual consent and depression, with a light hearted twist thanks to the touch of some comedic relief. 

Why Should You Watch It

Big Mouth is a great light hearted series to watch that doesn’t show off or make light of these huge changes we all face in our young lives. Early in its series it critiques the way sex ed is taught and approached by these tweens who are only just learning about life and all its pleasures. Spinning these ‘traditional’ teachings and lessons on their heads, creating incredibly honest and true pubescent experiences we can all relate too.  

Easy (2016 - 2019) 

What’s it about

Easy is another Netflix original series that focuses on an intertwined group of friends fumbling through the modern maze of love, sex, technology and culture. The show covers a wide range of relationships and tackles everything from open marriage to lesbian relationships and various different forms of love in between.

Why Should You Watch It

Easy has abandoned the ‘typical’ outlook and approach to sex later in life. It emphasises the essential role that sex has in relationships, in an offbeat but honest way. The creators have created conclusions in every episode that still leave things realistically unsolved, simulating the same result for those who might have experienced these situations and issues in their own life.

Masters of Sex (2013 - 2016) 

What’s it about

Masters of Sex is a drama set in the late 50’s based on the real-life research of scientists, William Masters and Virginia Johnson. The show sheds light on the most ground-breaking research conducted on human sexuality, post-kinsley but pre sexual revolution. This is a show that delves deeply into the importance of sexuality with clear-sighted compassion.

Why Should You Watch It 

Masters of Sex brings a whole variety of patients and experiences together from sex workers (gay and straight), repressed St. Louis matrons, closeted white-collar workers, blue-collar mothers and arrogant doctors. It slowly peels back these patients' layers and evokes compassion towards the painful and even sweet experiences. These stories illuminate the mental and physical barriers that keep people from being happy and from finding their true self. 

 From the light-hearted approaches to sexual awareness to the ones that take a more informed and compassionate look into our view on sex, we hope this list has got you feeling nostalgic about that first tv series which helped build your first understanding of your sexual self.

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