How to Turn your Vanilla Sex into Vanilla Spice

How to Turn your Vanilla Sex into Vanilla Spice

Put a pinch of spice into your regular sex routine with these small changes!
Vanilla can be a delicious choice for some, but when looking at the other hundred flavours out there, you can get a tad bored when sticking to the same style over and over again.

Nevertheless, dipping your toes into the spicy pool of kink can be a scary thought! Adult Toys Online can feature a massive range of unusual and complex gadgets that can be terrifying to search through when you are just starting out. Luckily, you don’t have to go from zero to a hundred, with just a couple of tweaks and toys needed to mix it up without going into full freaky-deaky territory!


Oil Up

Who doesn’t like a relaxing massage? It’s by far the easiest way to add spice into your sex routine, as you can simply grab the oil from the cupboard and get ready for some slippery fun! Smoothing it over your skin and letting each other’s hands glide all over each other for some pure bliss. Now that's a relaxing end to your day! 

You can opt to use some basic oils, or you can grab the 'Sexy Massage Oils' on offer, which are specially designed to entice your sexual senses to really set the mood! You don’t even need to go all the way to enjoy this relaxing experience, the intimate act of skin on skin while loosening each other’s knotted muscles will leave you both jelly! If you are still feeling the mood, it can be a great intro to a night of steamy fun, getting you both relaxed enough to dabble further. 

Enjoy Good Vibrations

Did you know the very first vibrator was invented to treat depression and anxiety in women? That physician really knew what he was talking about! Take the dullness out of your usual vanilla sex and add one of the best sex toys you can get into the mix! Place the vibrator on the clitoris or the underside of the balls, and let the constant pulsating instantly get you hot! These days, picking a Vibrator can take hours, with hundreds of shapes, styles, colours, and purposes up for grabs. If you are new to this, and still are a tad scared of the dildo-sized vibrators, you can try out smaller types like the Bullets. So cute and tiny that it fits right in the palm of your hand-who can be scared of that?

Play a Game

Breaking the ice can be hard for those just starting out, so why not try starting with a Game or Two? Enjoy a sexy board game, where you and your partner can roll for a new and exciting position or act you may have never thought of alone. This can be a fun way to go about spicing up vanilla sex, as you both can giggle, joke, and jump right into a range of new and exciting things.

Dress up

This can be one of the easiest ways to put some zest in the bedroom, as you only need to pop on an outfit to get the ball rolling! This can go hand in hand with role play, with nurse outfits, schoolgirls, or even cops making a sexy appearance in the Shop’s Costume Section. Letting you and your partner role play some steamy scenarios together. Otherwise, you can follow the KISS method (keep it simple stupid!) and just pop on a new lingerie set that’ll have your partner gapping in awe! 

Talk it Out

Finally, our last suggestion is to talk about it! It can seem like an obvious idea, but sometimes when it comes to sex people can clamp up. So, simply bringing up an open chat with no judgement regarding sex can help each other share their desires and stepping out of their comfort zones.

Feeling in the mood to add that spice now? Take a look at Flirt Adult Store’s never-ending supply of fun and get ready for a whole new flavour of sex!

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