How to Properly Clean Your Sex Toys

How to Properly Clean Your Sex Toys

It may not sound like a big issue, but not properly cleaning out your sex toys is a big one. Cleaning your adult toys helps to prevent infections; if they aren't washed regularly and properly it can allow bacteria to linger and grow. Thereby, causing serious problems the next time you whip it out for some orgasmic use. To ward off these infections you should be cleaning them regularly- meaning after every use. Today we’ll be going over the basics and factors you should consider before popping into our adult shop Coffs Harbour. So, you can rest easy and fully enjoy your new adult toy without any worry. 

Check Your Materials

Cleaning your toy with some warm suds may not be as effective as first thought. Most toys can be placed into two different categories: porous and non-porous and have their own cleaning needs. 

Porous materials have tiny pore-like holes within their surface, which means even after a good clean bacteria, fungi and dirt can still hide away in these ‘pores’. You’re either going to have to give your porous toy a deep clean (with no guarantee that it’ll be bacteria free), use a condom (if applicable) or just avoid porous toys in the future. Non-porous toys are those that are more sanitary and easier to completely clean. 

Once you’ve figured out which side your toy falls into you can get down to the cleaning methods. 

How to Clean Your Toys?

While you could just easily buy a sex toy cleaner that’s readily available at most adult sex shops, they aren’t guaranteed to completely clean all types of toys effectively. 

If you have a toy made of ABS plastic, wood, crystal, stone, PVC or nylon a general warm soapy wash with a washcloth will do the job. If your toy is a vibrator or has a mechanical movement remember to also take out the power source, whether that’s a battery or power cord.

Jelly rubber, elastomer, latex, and cyberskin will need a room temperature wipe down with a soapy cloth. You’ll want to be really careful with the temperature for these materials, anything more than warm can damage the surface. 

Glass, Pyrex, silicone, stainless steel can be cleaned in some boiling water or simply chucked into the dishwasher. If it's motorised then you'll have to stick to some warm, soapy water. 

Cotton and nylon will need a gentle machine wash or soapy cold hand wash. Leather can only be cleaned through a spot clean with a damp soapy cloth. 

How to Store Your Toys?

Once your toy is squeaky clean make sure to dry it off completely with a clean towel and store it in a case or silk bag to protect it from other bacteria-laden items.

If you didn't keep the interior packaging your toy came in, there are plenty of other options. You’ll want to find some type of bag or case that's sealable with a zipper or velcro. If the interior of the bag is washable that's even better and means germs or dirt will have no way to survive. 

Once it's closed in its case, store your toy wherever you choose. Just be sure to keep your vibrator away from areas that may have oils, powders, and perfumes. By doing this your vibrator won't pick up any irritants that can end up in your body or damage your device.

Playing with an unclean sex toy that’s been stored incorrectly is kind of like eating a loose mint that’s been rolling around in the bottom of a purse or gym bag for a while — sticky and covered in lint. If you don’t want that grubby mint in your mouth, make sure it's stored somewhere clean for a first step. Although it can seem like an effort to complete after your amazing release it can keep your partner and sex toys safe and in tiptop shape. If you need some professional help or want to start anew with a new improved material from your last, visit us at Flirt in-store or online today to browse our extensive range of toys and cleaning accessories.

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