Over the next few weeks, tune into Flirts blog releases in which we will explore Foreplay in all areas. Including suggested techniques, the use of toys and the impact of it in strengthening intimacy.

We are so familiar with the concept of foreplay – “preheating the oven,” “making things moist,” “getting wet” whatever you call it, it is an integral part of a healthy and happy sex life. 

There is such pressure to perform and send your partner to screaming heights of ecstasy that it is often overlooked our actual levels of enjoyment.


Studies have found both men and women reporting back either faking an orgasm during foreplay, both genders wanting approximately double the amount of foreplay they are currently receiving and an increased likelihood of orgasm during sexual activity if it is preceding by deep kissing and manual and oral genital stimulation.

 So how can we get there?

See our guide below for suggested uses, try a few tricks of your own combined with these and you are guaranteed to spice things up.


Start Slow

Even if its your favourite toy coming out for foreplay, start lightly. Tantalize and tease your partner with erotic and light touches will develop increased blood flow, deeper immersion into fantasy and roleplay and as well as reduced chances of encountering hypersensitivity.
Try your toy on its lowest setting and slowly work up to your preferred intensity, ideally hitting the strongest intensity once foreplay is coming to a close.
For the Ladies: Satisfyer Pro 2
For the Gentlemen: Sensuelle Bullet Ring XLR8
For the Couples: WeVibe Sync 

Try Something New

Not all toys have to buzz and be insertable, there are so many options to heighten your experience. If you are leaning more to the vanilla side, why not try out a massage lotion such as our DONA by System Jo range, they are infused with aphrodisiacs and pheromones to find yourself feeling more and more turned on with feather light touches. Increase your intimacy and comfort with erotic massage. If bondage is your thing, foreplay is an ideal time to bring out your Wartenberg Wheel, or position your Lover with aid of some ropes and restraints.
For the Ladies: The Countess by Playful Diamonds
For the Gentlemen: Anal Fantasy Anal Adventure Kit
For the Couples: Scandal Spreader Bar



It might sound obvious, but so many people will never let their partner know what they think about their foreplay, for example studies have shown a perception of men desiring less duration of foreplay due to a perception of a usually guaranteed orgasm needed less pleasure to precede it.
Research has shown that both genders are wanting significantly longer foreplay than they are currently experiencing, or that some felt too much time is spent on areas they deem inconsequential. If you like how your lover feels, you don’t need to give them an essay why, just a simple genuine moan of pleasure, light dirty talk “I love when you…” is all that’s needed – truly!

Keep It Hygienic

If you do choose to use toys, its easy to throw them to the side once things really get going, but it is important, especially with insertable toys, to give a thorough and complete wash after use. Here at Flirt, System Jo is our preferred toy cleaner, but there are plenty of options for all sorts of budgets. Never underestimate the value of a quality cleaner, we choose System Jo as our preferred due to its high quality, and stringent product manufacture process in which quality standards are upheld.


Thanks for these blogs. Always such good info and great recommendations.


Great read Flirt!
Thanks for making it not too complicated for me to understand. Definitely gonna give the Satisfyer Pro 2 a go and the Wevibe sync.


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