Flirt’s Guide to Lubricant

Flirt’s Guide to Lubricant

Flirt Adult Store is more than Armidale’s premier sex shop, we are also your one-stop shop for all your sexual health and well-being needs. If fact, ‘sex shop’ is really a misnomer for what we’re really about. At Flirt we stock a huge range of deluxe his and her toys, toys for couples, anal and bondage essentials, adult games, romantic massage oils, sexy lingerie, along with health and hygeine products. While we love everything in our stores, we are especially proud of our essential lubricant selection. No matter what your “cup of tea” or kink is, lubricant is vital to a healthy and enjoyable sex life. Let’s take a closer look.

There are four main types of intimate lubricants on the shelves: water-based, oil-based, silicone-based and natural or organic. While a lot of air time is given to the differences between these types, and it’s helpful to check in the case of allergies, what a lot of our customers really want to know is: which lube is best for what I’m into?

Anal Play
If you’re an anal princess or prince then you should steer clear of our gentle organic options. Your derriere needs a long-lasting slick product that doesn’t fade or become sticky, given the delicacy of our rectum structure. Your first choice should always be a silicone-based lube because these lubes are extra thick, long-lasting and very slippery. Our Pjur Bodyglide is widely considered one of the world’s best silicone lubricants and is one of our top selling products. Also suitable as a massage liquid, it’s super concentrated for your gliding pleasure.

Side note: silicone-based lubricants are not suitable for use with silicone toys.

Shower Play
If you really love things wet and wild then the shower is a great spot to have fun. However, not all lubricants are compatible with H2O, so you may find your lube going down the drain rather than doing what it’s supposed to do. Silicone-based lube works well in water but if you were planning on bringing your silicone toys then your best friend will be our oil-based Wicked Creme. This unique coconut oil-based lube is nourishing and non-greasy, with a superior glide and an innovative formula that starts as a cream then transforms into a liquid.

For good old fashioned s-e-x there’s nothing better than pure water-based lubricant. Water-based lube is nourishing, natural and feels just like real bodily fluid. If you’d like to check out Cosmo’s tips on using water-based lube read here. When it comes to water-based lube there’s something for everyone. Top brands such as Pjur have an extensive range of lubricants for a variety of tastes, such as their Pjur Woman Aloe that incorporates the soothing natural ingredient of Aloe Vera, or the Pjur Woman Vegan for an 100% animal-friendly lube that is also preservative free. Or, if you’re looking for something really special, our Jo Gelato is a chocolate flavoured lube designed to enhance foreplay and formulated from pure plant-based glycerin.

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