Dildos: Best Toy for Couples?

Dildos: Best Toy for Couples?

If you’re wanting to spice things up in the bedroom and you’re looking for different things to try out, introducing sex toys might be a good way to go. For couples wanting to add variety to their sex life, considering toys such as dildos can make foreplay and sex that much better. You can purchase sex toys and accessories online, or you can try shopping in-store at an adult shop Coffs Harbour located or elsewhere in New South Wales, where we have a variety of adult stores across the state.

Whether you’re looking to increase intimacy and pleasure with your partner or you’re just wanting to try something new, we’ll run down five reasons why you should consider incorporating dildos into the mix. No matter what kind of couple you are – heterosexual, gay, lesbian – they’re a toy that both parties can get pleasure and enjoyment out of. So, here are five reasons why you should think about adding a dildo to your sex toy collection if you haven’t already (what are you waiting for?).


Nothing beats the versatility of a dildo. Want to know why? For starters, they can be used by everyone, in any orifice, and are compatible with pretty much any kind of sex or foreplay scenario. Not only that, but they can be used by both parties simultaneously (double-ended and harness dildos) and for solo play. We dare you to try and name a better multi-tasker than the dildo.


Although sex isn’t the be-all and end-all, a satisfying and healthy sex life has been proven to lead to a happier relationship. When you’re communicating openly and honestly with your partner about your needs and desires, you’re more likely to have them met. This is exactly why exploring new horizons and introducing sex toys like dildos is hugely important for keeping the love alive and encouraging heat and passion in the bedroom and beyond.

Size range

Dildos have way more variation in size in comparison to basically all other sex toys, which is handy if you’re just starting out and need a slimmer, smaller dildo to help you go slow (they’re also great if you or your partner have a small frame). If you can handle some more girth, there are some meatier options available, right up to some absolutely giant dildos at the other end of the size spectrum.


Apart from vibrators, there’s no other sex toy that has as much variety as the dildo. Dildos come in hundreds of shapes, sizes and materials, offering users such incredible, diverse choice. It also increases the chance of you being able to find the right type of dildo for you and your partner, suited to your needs and requirements. Categories of dildo include silicone, vibrating, inflatable, realistic, glass, double-ended, metal and harness dildos. Realistic or non-realistic – it’s up to you! With this sex toy, there truly is something for everyone.


Unlike a real-life penis, you’ll never run the risk of finishing before you want to. A dildo is the gift that keeps on giving, always ready and waiting for a lovemaking sesh. They’re great for taking the pressure off of performing for guys and allow you to be more relaxed and in the moment, enhancing your whole sexual experience from start to finish. 

Take it from us – there’s a reason why dildos are so popular! You can check out our diverse range here. Happy shopping!

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