Different Types of Lubes

Different Types of Lubes

There's nothing worse than trying to fit something where it doesn't want to go. Enter lube to fix all your woes! There are a multitude of different lubes. Depending on your tastes, needs and sensitives will determine which one you opt for.  

In this blog, we will delve into the different types of lube and which types are best for toys. Whether you’re enjoying vaginal sex, anal, personal, or anything in-between, Flirt has you covered and slippery as one of the best vaginal or anal dildo shops Australia has to offer. 

What is Lube?  

Short for lubricant, lube is a liquid or gel that prevents any unwanted friction. Friction can impact your play sessions in all the wrong ways, so lube helps to create a slippery and smooth space for any vaginal, anal, toy or solo play. 

Why not just spit? Lube is better than saliva. Saliva can cause UTIs and yeast infections by spreading bacteria for vagina owners so better to try lube! 

Lube can also be used for any part of the body for some sensory play and some people even use lube to insert tampons. There are types that are great for massaging and some that aren't safe for toys so let's get into it!  


Water-based lube is a popular choice as it can be used for every type of play, even toys. It’s safe to use with condoms, latex, and non-latex. Water-based lube may even decrease the risk of condom breakage, it won't stain sheets or your nice lingerie and washes off the skin easily once you’re done. A couple of our favourites include JO Oral Delight in a delectable vanilla flavour that’s perfect for oral or BIO range for an organic and vegan option.  


A great hypoallergenic option for those with sensitive skin, silicone lube is silky and smooth. Silicone lube is less likely to cause a reaction for people who are sensitive and can also last longer than other types of lubes.  

Silicone lube is great for shower and water play because it doesn't wash away as easily. It can also be used with condoms. 

A few downfalls of silicone lube is that it can deteriorate your toys by creating abrasions which can cause bacteria to grow. This is not ideal for sharing toys or if you have multiple partners. Our favourites include the Swiss Navy which has an easy one-hand pump design to keep you in the moment and the Uberlube with its oh so aesthetic packaging.  


Perfect for sensual play time and massaging, oil-based lube is long-lasting. It’s great for all over body play and doesn't need to be reapplied often. 

It’s not recommended to be used with latex condoms or pieces as it can increase the risk of rips and tears. Oil based lube can also cause yeast infections for vagina owners, and it can ruin your sheets or lingerie! Oil can also stain and can be difficult to clean up. 

The Hemp Seed Massage Oil is packed with omega 3, 6, 9 fatty acids, great for sensitive skin. 


No matter what your play session is calling for, Flirt has the lube for you. Don’t forget to pair your new lube with some fun new toys. Get wet with Flirt! 


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