Common Misconceptions About Polygamy

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Common Misconceptions About Polygamy

If you caught our recent live stream with @the_infamous_big_dick_jimmy, you would have heard us discuss the challenges we face in the Adult Industry and how it is our mission to bring you great sex, despite the hurdles. It may have also left you wondering, what exactly is Polygamy and how to you form meaningful polygamous relationships?

Polygamy to put the dictionary definition on it is the act of being partnered to multiple people, simple as that. In modern practice, whilst polygamy is not always legally recognised as an official relationship this can mean from the dating stages all the way to marriage.
People in polygamous relationships face an incredible stigma which is totally undeserved. Today we were going to tackle some common misconceptions of what it means to consider yourself polygamous.


  • Polygamy Is Unnatural

This couldn’t be more untrue! Polygamy occurs more often in nature than not, it is more exceptional to pick a mate for life in nature and maintain that, than to have multiple partners. People who engage in polygamy are often highly tuned into their own wants and desires. To engage in healthy nontoxic polygamous relationships it is essential to be open and honest to your partners about your boundaries and expectations.

  • Polygamy furthers the oppression of women

Research has proved quite the contrary to women engaging in polygamy due to impositions put on them by a partner. A polygamous relationship can experience toxicity the exact same way monogamy can.  People are practicing polygamy because it feels right for them – and that’s just about all there is to it!  Often agreements are made at the start of the relationship that is poly in nature of what to expect from your partner and their relationships with others. If these women did not agree with it – they simply would not be in these relationships.

  • Polygamy is a way to avoid commitment
    This couldn’t be more untrue again, many people in polygamous relationships despite the limitations put on them via governments throughout the world engage in wedding or commitment ceremonies to celebrate their love for one another. If anything – the poly community is so much more committed! Giving fair attention to all your partners can be exhausting both physically and emotionally so maintaining them is definitely commitment in work!


We hope we have been able to help clear up some common misconceptions for you. A huge thing we have heard from our beloved Flirties, is that those who are looking to explore their poly side or who are looking into swinging and sex clubs is that in regional Australia it can be exceptionally hard to make the contacts.

Here at Flirt we are advocate for acceptance of peoples sexualities as well for change – if you are struggling to find people who are into what you are feel free to comment on here or flick us through an email at and let us know: Where you are based, Distance you are willing to travel, and if you are comfortable with us passing on your information to others or if you would like us to contact you before sharing any info.
We will never reveal anything without your explicit permission and would love to help you meet up!

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