Beg for a Peg.

Beg for a Peg.

What is Pegging? 

First of all, I want to make it very clear that Pegging is not a sign of a "lack of masculinity", nor is it a homosexual thing. Pegging refers to the sexual act of a woman, or a vagina-owning partner using a strap-on to give their penis-having partner some hot and heavy butt action.  
Pegging is still very much a mystery to so many people; when it really shouldn't be! The orgasms that can be achieved through prostate-focused play are mind-blowing, bed-rattling good.

So... where is the prostate?

In order to please your partner through prostate-play, we should probably find where it is.
The prostate is a kidney bean sized gland, located inside the anus about 2 to 3 inches in, on the front side of the body. It's a very small gland, about 1 inch in diameter, but during play and arousal, it swells and becomes quite firm - making it a lot easier to locate. 
Much like the female G-Spot, the prostate responds to gentle but firm pressure, massages and the much loved "come here" motion. 

Don't use porn as a guide.

You have more than likely watched a video or two on Pegging on any number of sites, or even just brushed past them. My advice? Don't use Pegging Porn as reference on how it will feel, what it looks like from either POV or even how the foreplay should go.
So many Pegging Porn videos are about humiliation for the male, and that's not what it's about at all. Pegging is about bringing you to new heights with your orgasms; and you should feel comfortable while exploring your sexual needs and desires. 
So please, avoid the porn for this one.

But, why is it SO good?

Duh, the pleasure! Being pegged is seriously going to blow your mind. It can also be incredibly pleasurable for the one who is doing the pegging. 
In saying that, there are a few more reasons that pegging is so amazing.

- You are more in tune with your partner.
Not only are you putting yourself in a vulnerable space, but your pleasure source is coming from a completely unique place (being penetrated), that, up until this point you hadn't opened your body up for. Both the physical and emotional reactions you're going to experience will enable you to feel and see what your partner feels when you have 'regular' sex.

- The role reversal is SUPER hot. 
We all know that role-playing can be sexy and fun. We all love to experiment and pretend to be somebody else every now and again. Role-reversal is like role-play, except you get to be you and your partner is still themselves too; except you're both experiencing new pleasure together. 

- I'll say it again; the ORGASM.
Whether your partner is reaching around and stroking you, or you're pleasuring yourself while she thrusts into you - you're going to have a g r e a t time. The more comfortable you get with being a bottom, the more pleasure you are going to feel. Be comfortable with yourself, comfortable with your partner, and of course communicate. Get the right toys, the right mood, and work your way up to it. 

Okay, so what toys should I look at?

I'm glad you asked! Below is a list of some of amazing toys and accessories I would definitely recommend for Pegging! 

  • Happy Rabbit Strapless Strap-on: An amazing strapless strap-on; so you are BOTH experiencing pleasure simultaneously. Featuring an insertable shaft of 5.5 inches for you, and a 4.5 inch shaft for the wearer! With 3 speeds, 9 patterns of vibration and a slim, tapered shaft - this toy is definitely a great starting point! 

  • King Cock 7" Uncut Cock w/ Strap-On Harness: We love how realistic this strap-on is; the shape, the feel and the foreskin - that ACTUALLY MOVES AND SLIDES LIKE A REAL UNCUT PENIS! This strap-on is great if you want a harness that is secure and snag, that follows the natural contours of the body, and the penis itself is quite flexible and moves both with the wearer and the bottom.

  • Scandal Pegging Panty Set:  A great starting point if you have never ventured into the addictive world of Pegging! The dildo itself measures at 5 inches, and is quite slim and tapered, so it is perfect for those who are concerned about size and pain!

  • System Jo H20 Anal Lubrication - Water Based: JO H2O Anal is a water-based personal lubricant specifically formulated for anal intercourse. The thicker consistency aids in both comfort and lubrication, while still providing a silky-smooth glide. JO H2O Anal does not contain any desensitizers like benzocaine, so it’s safer for you.

  • PJUR Back Door Comfort Water Based Anal Lubrication: A water-based lubricant that feels almost like silicone, PJUR Back Door Comfort Water Anal Glide has a long lubricating effect, and boasts all the advantages of water.

We are here to help!

By all means, use this blog as a guide to the best pegging sex you'll ever have - but don't be afraid to reach out and chat to us in store or via the phone! We spend so many hours learning about our products to ensure our customers are getting the best for their body - we want you to ask us any question that comes to mind, or any worries you may have! 

- Your Flirt Guru xoxo


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Thanks for this information! I’ve been curious about this for a while now and I think I might have to pop into my local store to chat to the girls! I think this would be something my partner would be into and could definitely help us to spice things up :)


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