A Brief History on Sex Toys

A Brief History on Sex Toys

Sex toys have a rich and long history. Remains in caves from thousands of years ago to ancient Greek paintings, sex toys have also been in the spotlight at some point and time. Today we’ll be going over a brief history of men’s sex toys so the next time you’re shopping in our adult store, Dubbo based, you’ll have deeper insight into their relevance throughout time.  

500 BC 

Around 500 BC the now famous Ben Wall Balls (Kegel balls) came into existence in Japan. They were known as Rin no tama. Their original form was only one ball, being designed to enhance a guy's pleasure during intercourse. Eventually they evolved into the familiar toy that we know today, two balls designed to help a woman improve the strength of her pelvic floor muscles.

300 BC 

The first documented use of a dildo comes from Ancient Greece, where merchants sold something called an olisbos (from the word meaning to slip or glide). Made from stone, leather, or in some cases wood, the olisbos became a tool bought primarily by single women – or so mainstream culture would have us believe. 


In Renaissance Italy, olisbos became diletto, from the Italian word for delight. Here Pietro Aretino’s Dialogues, the first literary pornography, reference the modern-day dildo. 


In England we see the dildo pop up in Thomas Nashe’s Merrie Ballad of Nash, it was also known as ‘Choice of Valentines’. The narrator of this poem is a young man who courts a prostitute on valentine’s day, he finds he’s not up to the task and reaches for her little glass friend.


When Charles Goodyear accidently discovered how to harden rubber, he not only revolutionized the car world but also the sex toy industry. The discovery made rubber stronger and more durable and led to it being used in condoms, dildos, and a range of other sex toys.


Dr. Joseph Mortimer Granville patented the first electromechanical vibrator. There were musical vibrators, counterweighted vibrators, vibratory forks, vibrators that hung from the ceiling, vibrators attached to tables, floor models on rollers and portable devices that fit in the palm of the hand. 


As vibrators began to appear in more pornographic movies, it became harder for manufacturers to advertise these devices as though they were simply massagers. This meant that vibrators began to disappear from magazines and mail order catalogues. 

The 1930’s also brought the discovery of rubber latex. This rubber was softer and lighter, revolutionising condoms. This development created the sex toys we know and love today. 


In 1998 sex toys finally found their liberation, becoming acceptable and household names thanks to the introduction of “Sex and the City”. The toys seen on the show became some of the hottest models on the shelf.  The Rabbit Pearl, Pyrex Glass Dildos, the magic wand vibrator and the love swing suddenly came into vogue.


With the huge technological advance seen, the use of mobile phones and apps controlling our sex toys remotely became normalised and we’re are definitely here for this one! Additionally, with the commonality of computer webcams, or the camming industry, we saw an increase in popularity for remote controlled vibrators and tip-controlled vibrators.

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